More Than Just Great Dancing

“We don’t teach kids to make great dancers, we teach dance to make great kids.”
Misty Lown

MTJGD's Mission
At MTJGD™, we offer our licensed affiliated studio studios the advanced tools, resources, and coaching they need to achieve the highest standards in the industry. Beyond membership, we strive to be a positive influence on the greater dance industry by creating unique educational opportunities for all.

MTJGD's Values
With integrity at our core, MTJGD™ is an organization of innovation, leadership, education, and above all, community. Our team has a passion for top-notch service and a talent for building a sense of community and camaraderie amongst our affiliated studios. Our members are lifelong learners who seek to lift up and nurture their studio employees, clientele, and the communities they live in.
How we serve

MTJGD™ is committed to best practices in safety and wellness, communication, teacher training, studio management, and community involvement. We serve members from around the globe with our tiered membership levels that include:

  • Leadership resources, financial calculators and tools for success
  • Graphic design templates and custom services
  • An invitation to our members-only Facebook forum
  • Access to personal 1:1 coaching with our MTJGD Certified Coaches™
  • Group coaching with Founder Misty Lown
  • Annual live events (always with fresh content!)

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